We all look for something particular when we start hunting down the ‘dream’ job.  A recent study conducted by The Manpower Group identified that most of us are looking for the same thing – Money and job security.

Consturction industry

Money & Job Security

Taking the time to identify what your specific goals are when looking to enter the job market is a critical task.  It’s clear to see what the current priorities are for the Millennials amongst us.  In the above diagram, you can see that a whopping 92% of Millennials are prioritising money when considering a job change.  Job security is also an important deciding factor for most with 87% of people finding this to be a priority too.

The Construction Industry ticks all the boxes

If you are like the Millennials amongst us, the construction industry is a real contender in the hunt for the perfect job.

Rapid Growth

The Australian Governments website ‘Job Outlook’ reports that the Construction Industry is expected to be one of the top industries for growth over the next five years (to 2023).  As our population increases at a rate of 1.6% per year, there will be continued demand for infrastructure.  Unsurprisingly, with the increase to population means that housing requirements will be on the rise too.

With the rapid growth in this sector, it is needless to say that job security is an absolute given.  Year on year work continues to rise 2% each quarter.

Above Average Wages

Currently, over 1.1 million people are employed within the sector and this is expected to rise by 3%.  Expansion is constant and varied.  The opportunity to break into the construction industry offers great incentives financially.  Payscale.com reports that the average salary for the construction industry is AU $78K with Construction Managers earning over $116K per year.  With the Median Wage for Australians being estimated at $55K, this is an above average income for most and a great opportunity for many.

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