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Why should I get a Forklift Licence?

Benefits of getting a forklift licence

With the current high demand for forklift operators throughout Australia there has never been a better time to get a forklift licence. Obtaining a High-Risk Forklift Licence is a must do, it’s a handy skill to have and brings with it a lot of benefits.

Why should I get a Forklift Licence?
1. It’s the law
Using a forklift is considered a high-risk task and as such it is a requirement in Australia to get a HRW forklift licence. In Queensland you can read more about high risk work licences at Workcover Queensland. The process is easier than you think with 3-day comprehensive training courses available at Pro-Lift Training FNQ you get to learn from the experts and get hands on training. After you have passed your training all you need to do is pay a small fee and register for your forklift licence online with QLD government.

2. You could get a job
Forklifts are used in a variety of industries and trades which means that getting a forklift licence will mean you have just opened yourself up to future employment in a variety of sectors. As an employer you are going to look for people with the most skills. Employing people that already have their forklift licence will mean less training and more confidence. It’s a no brainer really!

3.Safety First!

Heavy equipment related injuries are serious business and working in and around a forklift can be dangerous work if you are not properly trained to identify the risks and know how to manage them. Safety is everyone’s priority and in order to maintain a safe workplace getting upskilled can be the difference between life and death. Getting a forklift licence will give you confidence that you are equipped and prepared to complete your tasks. As a team member we all have a duty to make sure that everyone person using a forklift is qualified otherwise our environment is potentially unsafe to work in and no one wants that!
At Pro-Lift Training FNQ we have two and three-day TLILIC0003 Licence to operate a forklift truck training run regularly. Our team offer professional training that will give you a real insight and our modern equipment will give you hands on experience that will give you greater confidence when you go out into the workforce.
Check out our Training Calendar to find a date to suit you!

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