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Five Reasons Why You Should Up Skill in 2018

Five Reasons Why You Should Upskill in 2018

Complete a Certificate 3 & get your ideal job!

As the un-employment rates rise, 2018 is set to become a challenging year for Aussies looking to get a new job. Short courses are looking like a viable option for many of us with a variety of Certificate 3 courses available!

There are a lot of options available for Aussies looking to up skill, heading back to University can seem like a daunting option. Fortunately, there are a variety of short courses around and they have become a very effective way to up skill.

Completing a Certificate 3 is certainly a fantastic option for many. They give you the flexibility to up skill while you are still working. If you are already employed short courses give you the option to get skilled quickly to find that dream job!!

Five Reasons You Need To Do a Short Course in 2018...

certificate 3 upskill

Completing a certificate 3 will get your resume to the top of the pile.

  1. Get your resume to the top of the pile

Let's face, its hard work job hunting! Especially when all the employers initially see is your resume! It’s hard work trying to express why you are the perfect applicant when you have to summarize your career in two or three pages! Certificate 3’s hold strong weight that could be sweet talk your potential employer! Not only does it demonstrate your skills but it shows the employer that you are not afraid of going that extra mile!


  1. Future proof your career!

In the turbulent world of 2018 we simply don’t know what is around the corner! Especially in our workplace. When you study a short course, you learn the most up to date processes that will ensure that you are a dynamic employee in a rapidly changing world. Give yourself the edge that will keep you ahead of the rest! Certificate 3 study is an ideal way to refresh your skills that will make sure you become an invaluable asset to your organisation.

  1. Build your confidence

Are you confident to ask for that raise? Are you ready to become the next dynamic leader within your organisation? Prepare your skill base to take on that next promotion at work. Increase your knowledge and bring dynamic solutions that you can pioneer and create a new workplace within your organisation. That’s right!! You can’t walk into the boss’s office and ask for a raise until you can show him why you are worth that extra money!! A certificate 3 will give you the confidence to ask for what you are REALLY WORTH!!

  1. Discover your passion

Let’s face it, taking that step to grow your skillset is new territory for many of us. Venturing into the unknown will help you discover passions you may never have known about. Taking the time out to study a short course such as a Certificate 3 gives you time to delve into topics you may never have touched on in the past and will help you grow in ways you have never known!!

  1. Meet new people!

Completing a short course like a Certificate 3 pushes you into a new world and creates a new social setting. You get to meet new people that share a similar passion and the same career aspirations. You get to build relationships with like-minded people and that’s a good thing!!

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