With tonnes of jobs up for offer in the mining sector there has never been a better time to get a job in the mines! Close to home, Sun Metals Corporation (SMC) has recently announced that they will be on the hunt for 350 jobs to be filled during the construction phase to their refinery near Townsville. Not including the 100 permanent positions once the site is operational. This is just one example of a number of projects in the pipeline for the sector in 2019!

The common perception is that getting a job in the mines can be a complicated process but its actually easier than you think! With a little preparation and some dedication, getting a job in the mines can be a simple process, if you have the right skill set!


Three tips for getting a job in the mines

  1. Do your research!

First things first, before you start making those applications it’s really important to spend some time researching the industry. If this is your first time in the sector it’s critical that you spend some time in careful consideration, a few things you can research

  • What type of job in the mines would you be best suited for? What are your preferences & what skills do you need to apply for jobs like this?
  • With the majority of mine jobs being FIFO work you will need to research which mines fly into your home city. Or if you are willing to relocate – which city would have the best opportunities for you.
  • How much do you want to earn? What will suit your perfect lifestyle? What skills do you need to achieve this income?
  • FIFO life? Will your current life situation really suit FIFO work?
  • Long term viability. What is going on in the sector which mines are in full swing and which are set to start winding down? Take the time to look for long term security.


  1. Find connections

Once you have done your research you should have a good idea of what to expect and what your perfect job in the mines may look like! Now is the time to think about all your friends and family. Reach out to anybody you may know currently working in the sector. They will most likely know the best method of applying for a job in the mines or can point you in the direction of someone who does! You can also register with labour hire companies, get your resume in to as many as you can. Jump on to Seek and other job sites and upload your resume and other valid information and keep your details up to date. Set up job alerts for job descriptions that best suits your line of work you would like to work in (they go straight to your email). Google the big mining companies, apply for expressions of interest jobs and open positions on their websites.

  1. Get prepared!

Our last tip for anybody looking to get a job in the mines is this – GET PREPARED! You don’t have a moment to lose. Your top two priorities

  • Get healthy & fit: A big part of recruitment in the mining sector are medicals, fitness testing & drug screening. Now is the time to shape up and get fit. Take the time out to start a new health regime and you will not regret it! Sorry guys this means going easy on the beers!
  • Get upskilled: Get as many qualifications as you can under your belt, this is the most critical task of your to-do list! Qualifications are not only another line on your resume but they will also give you confidence when it comes time to start your job, but it will prepare you for what to expect. The more qualifications you can add to your resume the faster your resume will rise to the top of the application pile. Check out our course schedule


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