Why get a Scaffold Licence?

The scaffolding industry in Australia is a lucrative place to be, with a booming construction industry now is the time to take the step to upskill and get your scaffold licence.

Assembling scaffolding can be a dangerous job and it is simply not as easy as it looks. Scaffolding is considered a high-risk task in Australia. As a result, it is compulsory for people in the industry to get a scaffold high risk work licence.

There are a few reasons why people should get a scaffold licence below you will find three of the main reasons to upskill today.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Scaffold Licence

  1. Expand your employment opportunities

Scaffolding is a niche industry; most work sites need them but not everyone has the skills to get the job done. As a result, employers look favorably upon people that have a scaffold licence. Get your resume to the top of the pile with a unique skill set not everyone has!

  1. Earn More $$$

Based on research found on Neuvoo website the average scaffolder salary in Australia sits at $75,233 that’s a whopping 1.3 times more that the average wage for Australia! This salary can increase to $105,000 for more experienced workers. That’s a decent result for 5-6 days training and well worth the sacrifice.

  1. Maintain a safe work environment

Based on Australian workplace health and safety standards – it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain a safe workplace. Research has found that one of the most common reasons for accidents in the workplace is lack of proper training. Getting your scaffold licence will ensure that you are equipped with the right skills to get the job done safely. At Pro-Lift Training FNQ we have highly experienced and skilled trainers and assessors. Our trainers can not only give you the basics required to get your scaffold licence- but they will also give you real work life knowledge and hands on experience that will get you confident to work independently on a job site.

At Pro-Lift Training FNQ we run scaffold training on a regular basis, check out our calendar, enquire today or give us a call – 07 42 140 129.