You may have noticed over recent years the presence of the large cranes scattered across the Cairns city skyline. It may be an eye sore for some locals but as soon as we see these cranes, we think employment, growth and opportunities for our locals. For every crane you see -that construction site is in the need for a reliable team of Dogger’s and Riggers that can get the job done efficiently and the safest way possible.

It’s apparent to see there is real opportunity growing currently in the Cairns community for qualified Dogger’s. But what is it all about?

Workcover Qld describes the employment of Dogging work to be ‘the application of slinging techniques including the selection and inspection of lifting gear to safely sling a load. The directing of a plant operator in the movement of a load when the load is out of the operator’s view. Slinging techniques means using judgement in relation to the suitability of lifting gear and the method of slinging, by considering the nature of the load, its mass and its centre of gravity.’

A day in the life of a Dogger

Each day of a Dogger can vary dependant on the worksite you are employed, whatever site you may be at – safety is always your first priority. Using hand signals, whistles and two-way radios for communication while guiding loads with crane and which operators. Checking loads, estimating size shape, weight and centre of gravity while attaching to  lifting devices. It’s a busy job but with hard work this is a great career path to enter long term.

Why is Dogging a good career path?

As a qualified Dogger you can expect to earn an income based on your experience and can offer great opportunities. A worker having been employed for over 5 years in the industry generally earns over $70,000 currently in Australia. All workers employed in Dogging must have a High risk licence. CPCCLDG3001A – LICENCE TO PERFORM DOGGING is a 5 day training course that will give you the confidence and skills required to get your high risk work licence.