Why get confined space training?

Australian statistics conducted over the past 15 years have demonstrated that a high rate of confined space fatalities are due to ‘inadequate confined space training’. With such an alarming report it becomes very clear that Confined Space training is a critical part to our work place requirements.

Four Reasons Why You Need to Get Confined Space Training

  1. Training Saves Lives

confined space trainingConfined space training in our custom built facility.

Whether you are supervising or have a requirement to enter confined spaces, education and training is essential. Fire & Safety Australia research has found that 90% of confined spaces fatalities had “inadequate supervisor knowledge and supervision as the secondary cause for fatality.

  1. Peace of mind

Take the stress out of your work day by knowing confidently that you are competent in your workplace. Not only that- but knowing that all your peers, supervisors and contractors are trained in confined space gives you confidence to get the job done safely and efficiently to the best of standards.

  1. It will help your hip pocket

As an employee, having completed confined space training makes you a very eligible candidate for that next job vacancy or promotion. As an employer getting your team confined space training will ensure that your workers operate in a safe working environment will protect you long term.

  1. It’s your responsibility

The law outlines that we are all responsible for maintaining a safe working environment at all times. As a supervisor or employer, you have a duty of care to ensure safety in your workplace, without confined space training these guidelines of a safe working environment are not being met.

Confined space training is a great advantage to a diverse range of industries and is run every few weeks in our Cairns facility.

Spots fill fast so enquire today to avoid delays. Or if you are interested in a group booking contact us for a customized quotation to suit your budget and time frame.